Among Us Leaderboard

any sus?


All Tasks Completed

Games as a Crewmate where you completed all your tasks during a game

Bodies Reported

Number of bodies you reported as Crewmate or Impostor

Crewmate Streak

Number of times playing as Crewmate in a row

Crewmate Task Wins

Number of times all Crewmates finished their tasks to win the game

Crewmate Vote Wins

Number of games you won as Crewmate by voting out the Impostor

Emergencies Called

Number of times you hit the emergency button as Crewmate or Impostor

Games Finished

Number of games where you stayed until the end

Games Started

Number of games you played

Impostor Kill Wins

Number of times you killed a Crewmate to win the game

Impostor Kills

Number of times you killed Crewmates as Impostor

Impostor Sabotage Wins

Number of times you set off reactor or o2 to kill the remaining Crewmates

Impostor Vote Wins

Times you voted out a Crewmate to win as Impostor

Sabotages Fixed

Number of times you stopped a sabotage as Crewmate or Impostor

Tasks Completed

Number of tasks you finished as Crewmate

Times Crewmate

Number of times playing as a Crewmate

Times Ejected

Number of times you were voted out as Crewmate or Impostor

Times Impostor

Number of times playing as Impostor

Times Murdered

Number of games you were killed as a Crewmate