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any sus?

saif played 0 games, a crewmate 0 times & an impostor 0, winning 0 games.

Reported 15 bodies, called 145013 emergencies & fixed 318 sabotages.

  • Crewmate:

    Completed 70 tasks, finished all tasks in 392 games & voted out an Impostor 0 times.

    Was murdered 0 times (survived 0 games), voted out 0 times and got disconnected (or rage quit) 0 times.

    They continued as a ghost 0 times & won 0 with their crewmates by completing all tasks.

  • Impostor:




    kill wins


    vote wins


    sabotage wins


NAN% win rate.

Impostor NAN% of the time with NAN% win rate and INF crewmate kills per game.

Crewmate NAN% and won NAN% of those games, completed all tasks in INF% of games, but only won NAN% of those, murdered in NAN% of games.

Lost 100% of games when they completed all tasks and voted out NAN% of the time.